My Top 5 Fragrances of all Time

I love life and I love the indulgent luxury that comes with it. By that I mean I love the good things of life and because  I work exceptionally hard I think it's fair that I treat myself to the occasional splurge on indulgent items.

I love fashion and all of the added extras that come with it but most people who know me will tell you that if I had to choose between buying a new pair of shoes or a bottle of perfume, I would definitely go for the latter. I have always been a fragrance lover since as far back as I can remember but what's so ironic is the fact that my olfactory nerve is not quite great! 

 I would more often than not be the last person in the room to pick on smells. There are of course good and not so good sides to that but never mind, what I lack in that area I make up for with my super sharp sense of hearing.However, that doesn't deter me from making my house a smell sanctuary, You are surely bound to get engulfed in a potpourri of lovely fragrances in every area of my home you turn to and you might have to do a double take if you walk past me on days when I decide to bask in my favorite smells.

I present to you my top five favourite fragrances of all time, never mind the season.

BLACK ORCHID by TOM FORD: I recall the first time I bought this perfume, it was on one of those days when I absolutely felt low in spirits and indulged myself in a bit of retail therapy to make me feel better. Call it a spontaneous purchase but I have not looked back since then. How do I describe this fragrance? Think rich,exotic and absolutely sophisticated. A perfect balance of sweet,floral and woody. It lingers but not in an overpowering way,I love how it envelopes me its almost like I am being hugged by Tom Ford! haha. Some people tend to think that this perfume is more suited to the autumn or winter months and I agree but I think you might be able to get away with it anytime of the year; day or night  if you spray it minimally because a little goes a long way. Its a unisex perfume but with a very distinct difference.

AVENTUS FOR HER by CREED : A quick spray of my DH's Creed (for men) is all it took me to get addicted to this perfume and I knew I had to get the female version for myself. On days when I want to step out feeling like a BOSS bursting with Confidence, this is my go to perfume. If you are someone who doesn't want to put herself out there then this might not be for you because this perfume is bound to command some extra attention. Its refreshingly empowering and you'd find the question of ''what perfume do you have on?'' rolling in non stop because this perfume is irresistible like that. A lot of people tend to think there is a lot of hype around this perfume but hey, when something is exceptionally good you have got to rave about it! This is not a perfume that lingers overnight and fades away,its crisp smell lingers much longer. Its simply gorgeous. 

GREEN IRISH TWEED by CREED :  Oh dear! Do I love this scent or what?! I don't care what anyone thinks but this perfume I love so much.  When I went shopping for my Aventus at my local John Lewis, I got to try out a couple of fragrances even though I knew what I was looking for. The lady attending to me encouraged me to try Green Irish Tweed and she casually mentioned '' you know there's quite of celebs who use this perfume as well.... Prince William, Naomi Campbell  ( never mind I once bought a concealer at boots after the shop assistant swore Naomi Campbell couldn't do without it but I sadly had to chuck it in the bin because I absolutely hated it)  and a host of names I really can't remember now.
After the concealer experience of course, I sure learnt to follow my personal needs rather than follow celeb trends but this perfume was definitely high up there for me. It smelt so cool,fresh,exuberant and timeless and it reminded me of something but I struggled to place what it could be. It was definitely a happy memory and I loved it! It was no surprise I returned a little while after to purchase a small bottle as its quite a pricey perfume. Unlike my Aventus though, I only use it on special occasions as I don't think its suited for 24/7 use. I also ensure to have it on at least 40 minutes before stepping out of the house so that way am sure all of its 'complexities' have settled nicely. Most people say its more suited for men but not sure I agree, it smells great on me, earns me compliments every time I wear it so that settles it!.

J'ADORE by DIOR :  This perfume makes me swoon! Its beautiful, oh! so ultra feminine and very sensuous. After running out of my last bottle, I purchased another as a special Christmas gift for myself. Guess what?! I am yet to open it just yet because I just cannot bring myself to ruin the euphoria of knowing I have an unopened bottled of J'adore. It just ticks all the right boxes for me and it never fails to uplift my spirits. I love how I can never get over J'adore, its my little perfection in a bottle.

FAR AWAY by AVON:  Yes. You read that right and its nothing to do with downgrading or being broke and unable to feed my ''high- end'' luxury perfume addiction. Its just that there are times when I feel like getting lost in the crowd, not drawing any attention to myself  or I just can't be bother to pull out all the stops whilst dressing up. This is my all time favourite classic. I have never run out of a bottle and don't think I ever will!  If you are a fragrance lover and you have never tried any of the avon fragrances especially 'Far Away' then I encourage you to give it a try. Even if it means trying it out as a bed-time fragrance. You can thank me later. Its an unbelivable stark contrast to its price and you have to wonder how something that smells so good can come at such a pocket friendly price. You definitely got me on this one Avon.

A lot of people tend to ask me to critic perfumes and fragrances knowing how much I love them and I always say my love for perfumes and fragrances has ironically not evolved to that status just yet. I just want to bask in those gorgeous smells without having to bother my head talking about sillage, opening notes, base notes and all that malarkey. I'd let the critics do all the smell, sillage and longevity analysis.
If its smells good, makes me feel great, doesn't cause wreckage to my pocket then all is indeed good with the world!

I am open to trying new fragrances so feel free to share your favs with me.

Catch up soon!

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