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As you will have noticed by now, this is my personal blog. My aim is to share my honest views and opinions and as such everything I share on here will be my personal views except other wise stated.

Due to the nature of my interest, it will not be uncommon to receive product samples,service offers and commissions for feature or review purposes. For clarity purposes this will be clearly stated at the end of each post, but if you are unclear about anything or would like to know more about a product,service or brand I have talked about,please feel free to get in touch.

My acceptance of products,commissions or offer to use a service will in no way impact on my views or opinion of such offer when my review is published as my aim is to provide a genuine informative platform  regardless of which.

Third Party,Sponsors and Affiliates

Occasionally, I may add links in my posts from third parties and affiliates.My aim is to ensure that I provide you with accurate and detailed information at the time of publishing. However, please understand that as time goes on, some of the information contained in these links may change through no fault of mine. Please feel free to call my attention to them but be kind enough not to hold me responsible for contents of third party,sponsor and affiliate links.

 Copyright Policy

This is my personal blog. Unless otherwise stated, I remain the legal copyright owner of all contents on this blog and it is not allowed for any form of use without my consent. Please feel free to  ask if you wish to use my content.

Opinions expressed by third parties and contributors remain theirs and will in no way represent my stand or views . I however reserve the sole rights to remove remarks found to be derogatory, impolite or irrelevant.

Privacy Statement

 I am just your regular mummy blogger not a spammer. Any contact or personal information you provide to me will remain PRIVATE. I will not send you unsolicited emails or links to claim a surprise gift except you ask me to and neither will I sell your information to third parties or affiliate companies.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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