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In the past week,I have been engaged in reading sessions with some children at my daughter's school for about half an hour every afternoon as part of the build up to World book day. It is of course on a voluntary basis but I was happy to be a part of the sessions because of the initiative behind it. Myself and a handful of other parents who had volunteered to be a part of the exercise had been teamed up with teachers in each class within the school who arranged for us to listen to the children read.

Myself and the other parents had a bit of briefing session with the teachers in charge to tell us the aim behind the reading session,what they hoped to achieve out of it and of course what was expected of us  in the process,we were also provided with very helpful and easy to understand learning resources from Twinkl to guide us through the process. Some of these resources included Guided Reading question cards which provided ideas of  key questions to ask as it relates to the book each child read.

Guided Reading Question Cards - guided reading question cards, question, cards, guided reading, reading, guiding, help, aid, read, flashcard
Guided Reading question Mat from Twinkl

There was also the Tricky word sound mat which looked something like this,
Tricky Letters and Sounds Word Mat - word mat, writing aid, mat, tricky letters, letters, sounds, letters and sounds, tricky letters and sounds, words on a mat, literacy, learning aid
Tricky word sound Mat

Phoneme cards quite similar to image below,some record activity sheet and a couple more stuffs.

Phoneme Cards - Display Phonemes Primary Resources, Display, Letters, Words
Phoneme Cards

It was a pleasant and eye opening experience. It definitely was an opportunity for me to learn lots of useful stuff which I could put to practical use during reading times with my four year old and honestly the learning resources absolutely helped me to confidently engage more with the kids during the reading sessions. I know now for future reference that being a teacher isn't a walk in the park!

So it was a pleasant surprise for me when the opportunity to talk about the Twinkl resource on the blog arose.

''Twinkl is your first choice for easy to use,trusted and high quality teaching materials for educators and parents world wide-professionally crafted materials with a personal touch''.

At Twinkl, you will discover an enormous number of useful and easy to adapt learning resources for the Early years Stage,Key Stages 1 and 2,SEN and even home learning as well. With over 196,000 resources specially designed by Professional teachers,designers and illustrators you will can be rest assured that there is no need to go anywhere else as with Twinkl its a world of very generous  resources at the click of a button.

Twinkl offers free membership that allows users access to a vast number of resources.
However, Twinkl also runs additional services that you can choose to subscribe to. There is the Gold membership which is a high quality but low cost option at £29.95 a year and there is also the platinum membership which is priced at £44.95 a year and gives you access to all Twinkl resources.
This premium service gives access to well over 29,000 exclusive resources which includes lesson plan ideas, power-point presentations,activities,worksheets,role play resources and so much more!

Displaying Awesome badge.png
                             Twinkl Awesome Badge                              

I am absolutely excited to have been offered the opportunity to access the brilliant world of near endless learning and educational resources via a platinum subscription. More than anything else, its definitely an opportunity for me to be more aware and involved in my four year old daughter's learning journey and also an opportunity to infuse new and ingenious ways of learning to make it an enjoyable process for her.
There is an absolute wealth of resources at Twinkl and honestly if you ask me, choosing to subscribe to this service is a great idea. It means you not only optimise the use of the generous resources Twinkl provides but with your subscription you also help ensure that Twinkle can continue to make all the useful resources such as they ones they continue to offer.

Twinkl also provides an opportunity for you to create your own resources which I think is an absolutely brilliant idea.
With Twinkl Create you can bring your ideas to fore and produce some excellent educational resources as well to suit individual needs and preferences.

In addition to all the wonderful things Twinkl provides there is also an amazing community  forum on the website which you can find here . As you would expect of any good quality community forum, it is a meeting place for the continually growing educational community on Twinkl to discuss,share inspiring ideas and provide support to each other.

Please visit the Twinkl website to explore exclusive learning resources. Find out more for yourself at  http://www.twinkl.co.uk/

** Twinkl Premium Subscription offered for the purpose of this review**


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