My Mother's Day Gift Guide Featuring Avon Cosmetics and Jewellery

Mother's day should really be one of the most important and celebrated days in the world. I mean I am not being sentimental or trying to chip in any more emphasis than there really should be but with all due respect and honour , being a mother is probably the greatest sacrifice any woman will ever make. Its like the only job whose biggest rewards come from things as little as the gift of a squishy hug, a lovely heart melting smile and of course just the pure joy of watching the kids grow up into well balanced and happy adults.

Happy Mother's Day to every mother out there! Trust me you do nothing short of SUPER so well done!

As a Very Special Treat to myself, I ordered a few items from the Avon brochure via my friend who is an Avon Representative. I love Avon products because they not only come at unbelievably affordable prices but the quality of their products is amazing too.
 I have picked out four of my favourites and thought to share with you because I feel they would come handy as gift ideas.
Gift Ideas from Avon
Gift Ideas from Avon

1. Avon Far Away Collection.
Far Away Collection
Avon Gift Set
Image Source:Avon
Every time I see Far Away perfume, I smile to myself because it gives me fond memories. I recall the first time I ever saw this perfume was on my mother's dressing table,am talking about a very long time now. Out of curiosity I tried it on and its smell is one that has stayed with me since then. Many years on, a slight whiff when walking past someone and I can easily tell its Far Away. I love it.
The Avon collection is just like a perfume gift set and it includes :
-50ml Eau De Parfum Spray
-150ml Body Cream
-75ml Perfumed Body Spray
You Pay: £10(Worth £20)

2.Starr Necklace,Bracelet and Earrings Gift Set.

Starr Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings Gift Set
Starr Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings Gift Set: Avon

This is a very pretty Gold- Coloured  plated Jewellery Set comprising of earrings,bracelet and necklace.
As Soon as I sighted this in the order brochure, I knew I just had to get it. I simply cannot wait to rock this gorgeous but simple enough for every day wear jewelry. My pictures did not exactly turn out well so had to make do with one from the Avon website, trust me these look really nice, I saw it on my friend who  refused to let me covet hers even for a minute but rather would have me take crappy pictures of her jewelry set and buy mine instead, haha!
You Pay £7 (Worth £10)

3. Prepare to Party Gift Set
Prepare to Party Gift Set from Avon
Prepare to Party Gift Set from Avon

Excellent Bargain I must say. This set contains all you would need to create your perfect day or night time looks plus the perfect addition of a clutch bag. When you purchase this gift set, the clutch bag contents include
-EyeShadow Duo in warm Cashmere
-Ultra Colour Lipstick
-Glimmerstick Eye Liner in Blackest Black
-Supershock Mascara in Black.

Do me a favour will you? This product is currently on offer, so, check out the prices of the individual items and grab yourself a bargain as quickly as you can.
You pay :£10 (Worth £28)

4. Spring Blossom Diffuser
Spring Blossom Diffuser from Avon
Spring Blossom Diffuser from Avon
You probably would have noticed by now how much I love fragrances and Scents. If you have not then please allow me to tell you all about my weakness for scents and fragrances! I just could not say no to this Fragrance diffuser. It comes in a lovely gift box containing the diffuser, fragrance oils and some other related stuff. Plus this also came at a bargain I definitely could not afford to miss, so I was happy to include it in my order. Cannot wait for those lovely smells to waft through my home!
You pay : £7.50(worth £15, spend £8.50 across mother's day gifts and get it for a bargain price of £7.50)

Inspired with my gift guide? Let me know what you think and do feel free to share your gift ideas with me too.

Peace and Love X

**Image Source via Avon website and Google**

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