Book Review : Monsters Love Underpants

''...There are prowly monsters howling loudly and drooling monsters from the steamy swamp.
There are wild, woolly mountain monsters and spiky, spooky monsters from outer space. And
they all have one thing in common - they LOVE underpants!...''

Oh hello there!

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Monsters love Underpants
Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

I was just reading out loud a little excerpt from the book ''Monsters Love Underpants'' . I would describe it as a marvelously appealing , visually attractive and cleverly  illustrated book for kids aged 3+.  Its Packed full of rhyming words which will keep kids very amused and well entertained, my little girl cannot seem to get enough of this book and we have read it over and over again and of course we have infact chosen our favourite monster underpants from the end pages as well!

Monsters Love Underpants is the seventh collaboration from bestselling and award winning duo  Claire Freedman (author) and Ben Cort(illustrator). With the pant loving antics of Aliens,Dinosaurs,pirates and even Santa Claus having been exposed in this hilarious series of Claire and Ben's pictures books- its now the turn of monsters to show us what their pants are made of!
Monsters love Underpants
The Monsters who love Underpants -Cute!
Monsters Love Underpants
Monster Underpants

The paperback edition includes a very special QR Code that takes you to a free reading of the
book by Mel Giedroyc from the Great British Bake Off!  Means, your little ones can still be kept entertained being read to whilst you are quickly attend to other things.

Their books together (Alien Love Underpants, Dinosaurs Love Underpants, Aliens in Underpants save the World, Aliens love Panta Claus, Monstersaurus and Pirates Love Underpants) have sold over 3 million copies and are published in 21 languages.

I think Monsters love underpants is set to be just as big as Alien love underpants  which was a winner of the Richard & Judy children’s bookclub. There is a hugely successful stage production of Aliens Love Underpants, which has toured the UK for two years, did a stint in London’s West End over the summer of 2014 and is set to return to the West End in 2015.

You can catch up on the Alien Loves Underpants series on Youtube (absolutely loved it and thumbed it up) and of course you should  get a copy of this book for your little one(s) which you will find on Amazon  at no strain to your pocket!

Finally, to keep up with updates about the books series and of course  just to be entirely sure you never miss out on what the Monsters or Aliens got next up on their sleeves then you can keep up to date with them on Facebook.

Praise for Claire Freedman and Ben Cort’s Underpants books:

“Guaranteed to get the little ones giggling.” Daily Mail

“Fun, colourful and dynamic” The Times

“This book is a feast of colour and humour” Red House Children’s Book Award

About the Creators
Claire Freedman is the author of over forty books for young readers. She had previously tried various genres before discovering a passion for children's books.

Ben Cort is one of the most sought after illustrators in children's book publishing and has worked with a variety of authors and publishers.

 **Review copy received in exchange for my honest review**


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  2. Thank you for the review. My son liked this book very much, and I bought it thanks to your article.


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