''Speaky eyes'' with Spooky Eyes Colour contact Lenses

A lot of people myself inclusive have tried contact lenses at a certain point in our lives. It could be  for medical benefits or just for cosmetics purposes.

If you are one of the many people who wear contact lenses for cosmetic purposes then this post is for you. You are probably tired of wearing the same once beautiful but now boring colours lens every other day aren't you? Great!! because I am about to tell you how you can ditch boring for a vast  variety of colour contact lenses with  spookyeyes .

spooky eyes
Image source : spooky eye website

Speaking of spookyeyes, they are the only site which brings a vast and amazing range of safe and easy to wear colour contact lenses with absolutely brilliant themes. I am talking about Zombie contact lenses,Vampire contact lenses,crazy inspired lenses Halloween and white out contact lenses but to mention a few. Speaking of safety and ease of use, you will find detailed information on how safe the contact lenses are,how to keep them clean and of course detailed steps on putting on and taking off your contact lenses, all sorted here!

If you are a naturalista like myself, (never mind how much I sounded like I really need to infuse colours into my life) they also do natural colour contact lenses so you can be rest assured you can still make your eyes do all the talking!

I was offered a sample of the coloured contact lens via etailPR, Although I wished I had gone for something much more brighter,colourful and perhaps daring, you see I am not so bold so I settled for the blue funky contact lenses, see what it looks like here . I chose to go with the blue funky contact lenses because I felt it would look very natural and not draw too much attention to my eyes and I am glad I did.

I had to make myself look glam and also made a lot of  effort with  make up so please do not expect to see me look anything like the picture I am about to show you below if you run into me anywhere.Sorry! Haha!
Blue funky contact lens from spooky eyes.
Talk to the eyes! The eyes only!
 Blue funky contact lens from spooky eyes.

So that's pretty much it lovelies. Would you like to try a natural look like mine or would you like to go a bit more colorful,bold  and daring? Then visit https://www.spookyeyes.com/

Peace and Love x

**PR sample recieved via EtailPR**
    Views and opinions remain mine. 

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