Shinning in Black at the 2015 Grammy awards : My top five best looks.

Hello, Lovelies.

So last night was a really busy one, well at least for the celebs especially with the BAFTAs and of course the Grammys! To be honest, I kind of goofed and by that I mean I managed to stay awake till the end of the BAFTAs and what happened afterwards I really cannot explain as I later found out this morning I slept off on the couch, I was very tired!

Anyways, turns out I didn't lose much as I had a bit of catch up with my sister who blogs here about the Grammys, who wore what and other celeb related gossip. I always enjoy chatting with her, she does know quite a lot and of course, she inspired this post because she knows how much I love black dresses.

There is something sophisticated, Sensuous and sexy about black and its just a colour you can never go wrong with. Black is classy and you really should have at least one staple black dress in your wardrobe, trust me you will thank me later for this little tip.

Ok, So here are my top five best looks..... In black of course

5. Beyonce in  Proenza Schouler
Beyonce shines in black dress
Beyonce shines in Black Proenza dress
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Beyonce comes in at number 5 in this black lace dress only because it seems like I have almost seen her in something similar to this, no I know now its not Deja Vu! She has definitely been in something similar to this on a red carpet and perhaps it's safe to say quite a number of times as well.
However, a queen remains a queen no matter what so Queen Bey I totally love how you pulled this off.

4.Kelly Osbourne in Christian Siriano
Kelly Osbourne in Black and white Christian Siriano
Kelly Osbourne in Black and white Christian Siriano
Image Source:Google

 To be honest, I really cannot fathom what it is I like about this dress but I like it. It's actually very modest when it comes to ''WOWness'' but its kelly so I guess its ok. This might sound a bit odd to read but I tend to think because Kelly is a co-host on the Fashion Police show she will never commit a fashion faux pas. Anyways, this ain't all black everythang, call it polka-dotted or black and white if you want but I like the look and for that single reason Kelly Osbourne comes up 4 on my list.

3. Kat Graham in  Yanina Coture
Kat Graham stuns in Yanina
Kat Graham stuns in Yanina
Image Source:Google
Ok, I know I am cheating a little bit cos this is not entirely black but some of these dresses are irresistible . I mean look at this dress!!  My situation with this dress is like me walking into a grocery store to pick just one item and next minute I am pushing a trolley to the checkout till. I was looking up celebs in black dresses then I saw this and could not get my eyes off it. Ok, I know some people might think it odd taste to even cast a second glance at this dress but  I kind of love it still, although I would strongly consider less of all the white business running all over the beautiful black sheer.

2.Jessie J in  Ralph and Russo Fall 2014 Couture

Beautiful Jessie J in Raplh and Russo
Beautiful Jessie J in Ralph and Russo
Image Source: Google
I love Jessie J because I think she kind of reflects her type of personality in her choice of clothes. She strikes me as a relaxed but versatile person. Almost every time I see her pictures such as this one, the only thing that comes to my mind is ''this is definitely someone who is comfortable in her skin and what she wears''. Jessie J to me does not try too hard with a fashion statement because she achieves it effortlessly.

1.Ciara in Alexander Vauthier
Ciara winning in Alexander Vauthier
Ciara winning in Alexander Vauthier
Image Source: Google
Ciara takes the crown with this fabulous one-shouldered dress. I just cannot stop staring at this picture. This dress is effortlessly gorgeous and just makes me feel very covetous now, I really wish it was mine! Oh well! I just love this dress and it kind of totally wipes out any tomboyish memories I had of Ciara doing those crazy dance moves I secretly tried in the bathroom (sheer horror). She looks so beautiful, feminine and absolutely sweet. How very endearing.

That is definitely a wrap and I hope you enjoyed reading this piece.

Do let me know what you think, share your favourite looks on the Red Carpet with me.

Peace and Love X

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