Its the nation Vs Cancer! United in the fight against the disease on World Cancer Day.

All of us Vs Cancer
The fight against cancer.
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It's world Cancer day and like several others across the nation and of course the world I am also lending my voice to a worthy cause. I am uniting with the rest of the world to show support for every one who has been affected one way or the other by cancer. This cause is strongly championed by Cancer Research UK and the theme this year sends a very strong message to cancer-  #wewillunite!
United in the fight against Cancer
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You probably already know just how much of a devastating disease cancer is and how much effort is being put into life saving research, geared towards finding a cure for this horrendous health condition. This continues to remain an ongoing process. Research will simply NEVER stop until that ground breaking discovery is made and just like me, you need to stay positive,believing that soon,very soon it will happen and of course we all can work towards making it happen by supporting the cause too!

I really don't want to dignify this devastating illness with too many words but honestly,  thinking of all the lives and families that have been affected leaves me with just one strongly worded sentence for cancer :
  "The world is uniting today against all forms of you and together we will beat all shades of you to it!"

Show your support and join the fight against cancer! Please follow link for  further details:  https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/support-us/donate/world-cancer-day#donate
Cancer Research UK
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Peace and Love X

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