Health Supplement: Microbiome Plus+GI Probiotic (Giveaway contest included)

Hello everyone,

Its Friday again! How excited are you? I am definitely excited as I am looking forward to a fantastic line up of weekend activities. So its has been a minute (well not literally but isn't that what anyone says when they have been away for a while?) and I thought I would drop by to say a quick hello and to tell you about dietary supplement Microbiome Plus+GI.

I was recently sent a month's worth of supply of Microbiome Plus+GI probiotic to try and I received these about a few days ago.  I am yet to try out the product  but that definitely does not stop me from telling you about it as healthy living and natural health supplements is something most people are interested in these days.
Microbiome Proboitics supplement
Microbiome Plus+ GI Information Leaflet
Microbiome Proboitics supplement
Pic taken by me

What is Microbiome Plus+ GI?

According to the manufacturers Micropharma,  Microbiome Plus+GI is a new line of probiotics sourced from nature and intended to serve as dietary support.
There are currently 3 products available and each is intended for specific use.
Microbiotic Plus+ bone
Microbiotic Plus+heart
Microbotic Plus+Gastrointestinal

What are Probiotics?
In very simple terms, ''friendly and helpful bacteria'' that help keeps your gut healthy!
Naturally occurs in the body and can also be found in foods and supplements.
You are probably thinking now, foods?, Supplements? How is that?
Yes! Probiotics can be found in natural foods like tomatoes,onions,banana and also anything from yoghurts and dietary supplements such as the one I have been talking about.

Would I recommend the product?

No two bodies are the same and so are our health needs. What works well for me might not be well suited for you and vice versa.

I always advice that if you intend to use any health related product , please speak to you doctor before you commence its use.
Also as with most health supplements, please understand that it is meant to be a dietary supplement and as such should NOT be substituted for your regular diet. Dietary supplements are only meant to complement your diet and not replace it.

If you would like to win a month's supply of Microbiome Plus+ GI, simply drop a comment below listing the 3 Microbiome Plus+ GI products. Please remember to include your email address so you can be contacted if you win!

Winner will be selected at random.

**Giveaway is open to US and UK entrants only**

Have a lovely weekend.

Peace and Love X


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I have not received any monetary compensation for this review. 
Unless otherwise stated, opinions expressed remain solely mine and cannot be reproduced without my consent.

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