Let me entertain you a little this weekend.....CHIT-CHAT+Weekend Vibes

Hello! Hello!! Its the weekend again and I am just so grateful for how quickly the week has flown by. Plus its the bank holiday weekend  .... Wohoo!!
I have not got anything planned just yet but I could easily do with a lie in or perhaps visit my local dessert parlour to feed my sweet tooth cravings.

Anyways! so, I stumbled on my old IPOD yesterday, which was a pleasant surprise as I had searched all corners of my house, inside the sofa and everywhere that served as a potential hiding nest for the kids toys but gave up when it finding it became mission impossible.

That Ipod is like a little treasure to me, I mean it holds most of my favourite noughties classics. I can't begin to tell you how much I love the classic old vibes. That era churned out the best songs in most genres,why don't they make clean and good music like that anymore?!

 Anyways,in the absence of my Ipod ,Spotify and Youtube have been doing a pretty good job but now that dear Ipod is back ,we going to be glued together this weekend baby! 

Shall I take you on a quick trip back to memory lane as I share 10 random tracks from my favourite noughties playlist ? Look out for my little commentary on each one too!

Happy reminiscing! 

10. R.Kelly - ''Step in the Name of Love''

Yeah! c'omon shuffle your feet! waltz into the weekend with this lovely track from R.Kelly.  I absolutely love this track and it never fails to get me dancing... ok...catch your breath and we'd be on to the next one! 

9. Ashanti - ''Foolish''

OMG! Ashanti babe where are you?  Like seriously, does anyone knows if she still sings anymore? Ashanti+Ja Rule dropping those vibes! those were the days...

8. Mary J. Blige - ''Be without you''

I absolutely love Mary J. Blige ! She is an absolutely strong lady who has like literally risen through the ashes and made a better woman of herself. Really thinking of going to see her perform in London this July.  

7. Mario - '' Let Me Love you''

I give this song the  award for the most effortlessly classic song, I mean its absolutely appealing and grows on you. Its just beautiful! 

6. Sade - ''By your Side''
...Just no words! her voice gives me so much goosebumps and leaves me speechless. such comforting voice to listen to... 

5. Amy Winehouse - '' Rehab''
....and just how can i forget Amy? Unique, mysterious and absolutely beautiful!

5. Usher - ''Confessions''

OH Hi Nostalgia! is that you?! This song was lit in the days! Not sure Usher can churn out songs this good anymore #just saying 

3. John Legend - ''When I used to love you''
Well! How can I not have John Legend on my fav list! Music with him has been consistent and has matured over the years. Absolutely aces it everytime!

2. J.HUD - ''Spotlight''
Yeah, I meant Jennifer Hudson but doesn't everyone call her J-HUD now?! She's my total diva package plus her voice is totally lush! This song I have listened to so much, I can sing it in my sleep! Love me some J-HUD! 

1. Whitney Houston - '' I look to you''
There's only one person who will always take the number one spot for me and it has to be Whitney Houston.  Boy! could that woman sing or what?! She was music itself.... As for this song how can it be so powerful yet leave one so weak and lost for words?!  Its beyond me.... Keep resting Whitney .

Ok..... I think I am going to have to stop myself otherwise am never going to end this post! You already know the noughties was the era of good music across several genres so help yourself to some feelgood music whenever you can and I hope you have a good weekend and bank holiday too!

Ta ! x

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