Feel Good Friday: My Music Playlist Faves

Happy Friday! Happy Fri-YAY!! Happy Weekend!!!

How is it going with you? Any plans for the weekend yet?

Well, am just going to freestyle on this post as dictated by my mood only because I am not sure if I should be looking forward to the weekend. There's tons of household work I need to get through, I would rather not think about it now.

 *eyes rove towards the stack of laundry piled high in the basket*.   
*Exhales Sharply and Sighs ! *

However, I am not going to worry myself about all of that for now. Thank Goodness, the kids are away at school, giving me just about enough time to have some lazy stay indoor moment whilst listening to some good feel good Friday music which is absolutely giving me all the positive vibes! Music never felt so good at the moment, allow me to share my top 5 songs on my playlist at the moment with you.

5.Love me now by John Legend
For me, there aint no playlist without at least one John Legend song.There is a personal uplifting I feel when I listen to him sing. Lets just say its a matter of channeling my inner energy with an uplifting voice.
Love me now- John Legend

4. So I can have you back by Joe
When I listen to Joe sing, I often imagine myself running my hands through fine silk. He has got the voice I would describe as flawless and smooth. Why don't they make music like this anymore?

So I can have you back -Joe Thomas

3.Butterfly By Omawumi.
Omawumi is a Top Nigerian Singer and songwriter who never fails to deliver both in lyrics and vocals,she makes it seem so effortless.  This song is all shades of beautiful. I love it and I absolutely love Oma-wonder(Omawumi) too.

Butterfly - Omawumi
2. Can't stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake
The first time I heard this song  was when I watched the movie Trolls. There could not have been a better song for the movie because it complimented the theme of the move perfectly!  I'll let you in on a secret: I cried watching Trolls because it held such a powerful message '' Happiness is in everyone of us''
Can't stop the feeling - Justin Timberlake

1. Intentional by Travis Greene
Oh my goodness!! Why didn't anyone warn me about this song?! I just cannot get it out of my head! However, I wont complain because I have come to find solace in this song, it helps me get along even in my lowest moments. You need to listen to know why!
Intentional -Travis Greene

So there you are, my top five feel good songs at the mo'.

What catchy tunes are you listening to now?

Have a nice weekend and see you soon x

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