Breakfast just got better ! Introducing : Freedom Cereal's ''Keep me Going''

Freedom Cereal Limited is a new company put together by a  few individuals who came together to develop a simple but health conscious idea of creating a really tasty and healthy wholegrain cereal, low in sugar and salt but high in fibre and packed with all the right goodness to keep me going through my day... and you  too!

Definitely keeps me going and tastes Yummy!

''Keep me going'' cereal is the first in the Freedom Cereal's ''Keep Me'' range  and it was developed after the husband and wife duo behind Freedom Cereal Limited  noticed how much salt and sugar were in the cereals their kids were eating. The whole idea was to create and develop healthy nutritional products with very functional benefits too but which could be just as competitively priced as  other top selling cereal brands.
As you would have come to realise, nothing good comes easy and this proved to be a very challenging feat that's taken over two years to finally get right!

Definitely worth the wait if you ask me- you only need to taste this cereal to understand what I mean.

Freedom Cereal's Keep me going

According to Freedom Cereals, compared to the next selling to cereal brand, (often advertised as a healthy cereal), Keep Me Going has 8 times less salt; 60% less sugar; twice the fibre; and a low Gi, similar to traditionally made porridge (instant porridge has a high Gi). The Gi testing was conducted by Hammersmith Hospital and involved around a dozen volunteers having their blood-sugar levels checked at regular intervals after eating the cereal over a two week period.

 Although the product is aimed at the whole family, Freedom cereal embraces an unusual and unique method of making the product and its packaging appealing to the children without necessarily having to ''disnefy'' the pack by adding trading cards. There is also a hidden code on the top flap which if cracked takes you to an off-menu page on the ''Keep me going'' website with lots more information on codes and ciphers.

Trust me it doesn't end there.... but you need to get your hands on one of these cereal boxes to find out the rest for yourself.

Eat Healthy-Stay Active

How do you love your cereal?  With Greek yogurt and fresh fruits? or with Just milk?  I have even snacked on it a couple of times because there's just  so many ways you can enjoy this healthy cereal.

Having read all the fabulous and great health benefit keep me going is able to provide you are probably beginning to wonder how and where to purchase right?

Ok so here's the deal, its been available on Ocado for just a couple of weeks and the only major challenge this healthy goodness probably has is that a lot of people are unlikely to stumble on it just yet so what better way to create an awareness than to get talking about it in a really simple easy way:
             Buy it- Eat it-Talk about it

 Its only a matter of time until you find these stocked in your major supermarkets but until then if  you really are keen to try out this healthy cereal option its currently available on Ocado.

Now I know for some people myself inclusive, Ocado is not your regular grocery shopping destination but  then there's quite a handful of offers and vouchers out there that you could take advantage of  such as ones that  offer £20 off your first shopping +free mid-week deliveries for a year like this one!

Catch up with you on the next post xxx


Product offered in exchange for my honest views. 

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