Keeping your child safe and secure in their high chairs,buggies and the likes? Here's how you can with BeltupKidzchild safety strap

I am going to start off this post by offering my very sincere apologies to  the very inspiring mumpreneur, Una Driscoll the brain behind the very fantastic child safety seat restraint buckle- Beltupkidz. I received a complimentary sample of beltupkidz about two months ago but somehow life happened and I could not finish the draft I had started to write but thank goodness am back and am just as pleased that you are finally able to read my review on Beltupkidz.

Belt Up Kidz retrofit buckle pink
Belt up Kidz
Image source: beltupkidz website

So like I mentioned earlier, Beltupkidz is not just another child safety product looking to find its place in the market, it  is  a retrofit child safety strap specifically designed to help keep the arms of your child stay safely inside the shoulder straps of their buggie, trikes and even high chairs and has it has infact built a reputation for itself based on its features, style,comfort and ease of use.

Belt Up Kidz has received really positive reviews and recognition from various people in the media via publications which include At Home Parenting with Jo Frost Celebrity child expert, Elite Magazine, Mumpreneur, Nursery Today and Progressive Preschool to mention quite a few. The product has also received award recognition either as being a runner up or winning and some of these include  Bizzie baby 2013&2014,Baby and Pregnancy awards 2014,Tesco Mother and Baby Awards 2014 and BANTA awards 2014.

So having tried the product what did I make of it?
Let me start by saying I have one less thing to worry about and that is the thought of my 15 month old  baby trying to get out of her high chair. Many times, she wriggles so much in a bid to get out of her high chair. She also does a good job of standing and trying to rock herself back and forth! Its a job on its own trying to keep her in the chair and am pretty sure I am not the only mommy experiencing this. Which is why you should read on.

Describing our experience the first time we used  the product, I cannot tell you how much of a relief I felt within me. If you have a little one like mine who sees every moment as an opportunity to get adventurous (like trying to get out out a high chair-very dangerous of course) then we are on the same page. For the first time in a very long time, I finally got my little girl to stay seated and secure. Saying I was pleased will be putting it mildly. 
Belt up Kidz
 My little girl in her high chair :extra support with Belt up kidz

Of course, we have continued to put our BeltupKidz to very good and efficient use, keeping my little one secure and of course myself happy. We have also extended its use to when we are out and about and we need to use the buggie and I am absolutely pleased that the product has not fallen short of my expectations which leads me to ask '' Why haven't I come across Beltupkidz much earlier?'' 

Beltupkidz Features I love!

-Super easy to clean and easy to use in just two steps;click on  and go!

-Adjustable buckle clip and straps to allow child some room to grow and at the same time allow enough comfort during use.

-Very portable and adapts well for  use on products we have tried it on so far(high chair/ buggie).

-Child proof interlocking belt clips designed to be removed by an adult only. 
*heaves huge sigh of relief*

-Comes in two colours;blue and pink befitting colours for little prince and princesses.

Here are a couple more pics taken from our first use! Even my little princess finally understands who's in charge :) thanks to Belt up kids.
Belt up Kidz
 My little girl in her high chair :extra support with Belt up kidz
Belt up Kidz
Safe and secure with Belt up kidz

Belt up Kidz
Belt up Kidz provides extra support,safety with no discomfort

Please visit the Belt up kids website here for more details about the product and of course where and how to make a purchase.

I definitely recommend this 5* product!

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