Introducing :''Your Other Baby'' -An Exclusive OnLine Business Coaching Programme created exclusively for Women and Modern Day Mothers

Last week I had a brief chat-Interview with Saskia Gregory who runs a fantastic online business coaching programme called Your other baby specifically tailored for mothers who are seeking flexibility balancing work and the home front. Being a mother of two beautiful children myself, I particularly found the interview insightful especially in terms of what Saskia intends to offer via the online business coaching programme. If you ask me, I think its a real investment opportunity for those ready to commit to their dreams and create something amazing and coupled with the guidance and support Saskia will be offering which will in turn make the process enjoyable and worthwhile.

Online Business Coaching with Saskia Gregory
Online Business Coaching with Saskia Gregory

More than anything else, there is nothing as fulfilling as being able to set your own schedule around your family and other commitments at your own pace. At the end of this programme, you will only have one thing in mind, birthing your own online business that offers you the complete flexibility you have always wanted all from the comfort of your home.

Have a read of my interview with Saskia below:

Hi Saskia! Tell us a bit about yourself…

Hi Seun! Most importantly, I am a mummy to a beautiful boy called Diggory who has just turned one and a half!

Saskia and Adorable Son;Diggory
                                   Saskia and Adorable Son;Diggory
How has the time gone so quickly?! I am also a success coach for ambitious modern
mothers who wish to build an inspiring online business that uses their talents and skills to provide them the lifestyle they want. I’ve worked for myself for the past 7 years and really appreciate the
freedom and flexibility I have – even more so now I’m a parent – and want other women to be able to achieve this if they want.

Saskia and Diggory as a baby
Saskia and Diggory as a baby

The ‘Your Other Baby’ coaching programme, sounds really interesting. For those who don’t know, what exactly does it involve?

My ‘Your Other Baby’ programme has been designed to help you build just that, your other baby-your business. A business that you can be proud of and have real confidence in for the future. Over 9
weeks, the programme is going to take 10 ladies through the process, holding their hand as they follow certain strategies each week. It covers everything from examining what you actually want to
achieve with your business (including income goals) to setting-up social media, working out your
sales funnels for finding clients, and setting out a marketing plan.

How is the programme delivered?

I want the programme to be as simple to action as possible. Each week the programme is delivered
through a mix of engaging materials including videos, audios, workbooks and action-step checklists.
You’ll have everything you need to just go out there and get it done. Plus, there will be weekly group
calls where you can ask me anything and ask for feedback, and there is a private Facebook group to connect with and get inspired by the rest of the group.
Buiild your own online Business in weeks!
Buiild your own online Business in weeks!
How can ladies find out more about your work?
You can find out more about me on my website and arrange a chat with me if you have any questions at all about the programme. I’m also hosting limited time audios each week on various online business topics, this week it’s about  ‘How To Start Putting Yourself Out There As An Expert, Without Feeling Like A Fraud’ which you can download or stream now .

Can you offer any bonuses for my readers?
I already have some really great bonuses for those who sign-up before April 15th including a 1:1 session with me, 2 hours virtual assistance help (that’s going to be SO useful!), a premium wordpress
theme and logo design. But I’d like to offer your readers an additional hour of private coaching with me, so they can get even more specific away from the group calls and we can push them forward at
any time they feel stuck. Any questions at all, get in touch and I’d be happy to chat with you and answer them!

''Your other baby''
''Your other baby''

Saskia Gregory is a writer and success coach for ambitious modern mothers. Helping women create inspiring online businesses that provide fulfilment, flexibility, and fun and has featured in Mompreneur Media,YFS Magazine and Lioness Magazine.
To access a range of relevant online business growth resources  and to be a part of the next online coaching session, visit Saskia's website .

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